Radio Silence for Dreams

by Meg & The Magnetosphere

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Radio Silence for Dreams is the debut album from Meg & The Magnetosphere featuring ethereal, alt-rock with textures of sound woven around themes of interstellar connection; born from the elements that bind us in the spectrum of our shared human experience. This Album delivers the philosophically introspective lyrics of Meganne Stepka and the conceptual, sonic-intentions of her band. Radio Silence for Dreams dares to remind us that slowing down and listening to our whispering dreams is the first step towards actualizing the love we wish to share.


released March 20, 2017

Meganne Stepka - Singer/Songwriter Vocal, Guitar & Keyboard
Lisa Kimpel - Drums & Backing Vocals
David Snider - Guitar & Bass
Chris Frohring - Bass, Guitar & Backing Vocals

Produced by Meg & The Magnetosphere

Engineered & Recorded by David Snider at Granite Angel Studios
Mixed by David Snider & Meganne Stepka



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Meg & The Magnetosphere Cleveland, Ohio

Meg & The Magnetosphere is an alternative Folk Rock band based in Cleveland, OH.

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Track Name: Radio Silence For Dreams
I tried to reach you in a song because you couldn't hear me screaming all night long. From my Dreams I call to you. From my Dreams I'm wishing you a good night sleep. I wait to take a breath until you're gone. I'd give you every breath of mine, I know it's wrong. But You're in my Dreams. I follow you down darn hallways and into your room, but you're asleep in my dreams. Oh the whole world is calling off again. Like staying home, playing sick in your head. Oh the whole world is calling off again like staying home, playing sick, playing dead. Oh but our Dreams Call to Us, to Listen up. I tried to reach you in a song because you couldn't hear me crying all night long from my Dreams.
Track Name: Change What You Can
Help me to Understand Humans. Why do we keep tearing at our skin, so thin; when we could be building a home we can all live in. Help me to understand the plan. God is good but the kingdom is within. Don't point your fingers when we could be shaking hands- Change What You Can. Help me to carry out this plan. Change What You Can. And Together WE CAN STAND AGAINST WHAT WE CAN'T. ALONE. Alone, Change What You Can
Track Name: Mary Ann
Looking back and forward again I think of her presence, her steady hands. Reaching out for you to dance and sing a song about happiness. She hopes you will find your happiness it's in your hands. Bring it on Mary Ann. Oh Like Sunshine Bring it on Mary Ann. Oh Like Sunshine, I'll think about what she said. When all I see is clouded by my own instinct I will find your eyes and this sunny sunny sunny sky. Oh like Sunshine Bring it on Mary Ann. Oh Like Sunshine I think about what she said. Live out your eccentricities this is not the time to compromise to anyone else's expectations. Pushing the Clouds out of Sight. Bring it on Mary Ann. Oh Like Sunshine. Oh when I need some Sunshine bring it on Mary Ann. The Wind moves through the trees to the rhythm of sweet Mary Ann. You know she smiles when you find your happiness. She's going to bring in that sunshine.
Track Name: Same Rain
You're in the Rain. You and Me in the Rain. I wonder if this Rain is the Same. Water Flowing over Bodies Glowing from the last time the Ether Broke Down the Lining Shed Out, a crack in the Sky. Is it the Same Rain as the Day before. Is it the Same Rain that Sings outside your door. Is it the Same Rain as a hundred years before. Is it the Same Rain that will fall a hundred years later. All the Raindrops make time to come Dance in the Storm. All the Raindrops remember us from years before. Tiny Mirrors made from Water; what's at our Core. It Always Rains in Love if We Are Water
Track Name: Dragons
Dragons Breathe your Fire. Oceans bring your Waves. You Can't hold it Down, though some might try to. You Can't Hold it Down, though I might like to. You Can't Hold it Down. Ashes Drift Away. No Surprise the Energy somehow Remains. You Can't Hold on to the edge of the Ocean. You Can't Hold on to the Dragon's Flame. You Can't Hold it Down
Track Name: Dancing Like the Sun
Breathe in and Feel six-billion people tremble in Life alone. Breathe out and watch it reveal, watch as the Path Unfolds and how twelve-billion feet hit the Ground. Well gods in all of us. Create what's becoming us. The Convergence of Conscious Us. When we take that jump together no need to look down. We found we have no memory of the ground. And All at Once we're Dancing Like the Sun for an Eternity as One. And Now we're here to burn Brighter than our Eyes. For Everyone we've got to Learn to Fly Sometime